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        學術報告:Making sense of wine: A psychological approach

        發布日期:2017-12-05   瀏覽次數:

        主講人: Dr Wendy V. Parr, Department of Wine, Food & Molecular Biosciences,

        Faculty of Agriculture & Food Sciences,Lincoln University






        報告人簡介:Wendy is an internationally-recognised, wine sensory scientist. She is currently Principal Research Officer in the Department of Wine, Food, & Molecular Biosciences at Lincoln University in New Zealand. She has a Ph. D. in Psychology (Cognition & Psychophysics) and a Ph. D. in Wine Science (Sensory), and draws on both disciplines in her current research where she integrates psychological phenomena concerning how we perceive, conceptualise, remember and judge wines to help us understand what is involved in wine tasting. Wendy has international collaborative projects with colleagues in France, Australia, Chile and Brazil. She is currently an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Enology & Viticulture and a member of the Chaire UNESCO Traditions du Vin, University of Burgundy, France. Wendy’s current research topics include sensory characteristics of the varietals Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir,  perceived complexity in wine, perceived minerality in white wine, perceived quality in Pinot noir, and the concept of wine expertise. Wendy is also a grape-grower and oenologist/winemaker, co-owning a boutique winery in the Nelson region of New Zealand.