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        學術報告:The Future of Food: Product, Process and Beyond

        發布日期:2018-12-10   瀏覽次數:

        報告題目:The Future of Food: Product, Process and Beyond

        主講人:Seamus Higgins教授,英國諾丁漢大學化學與環境工程學院



        聯系人:賈鑫副教授  xinjia@cau.edu.cn   62737424


        Seamus Higgins教授簡介:

        Seamus began his career in the food industry as an electrical process engineer and worked with a number of leading international food companies including Tongaat Hewlett, Nestle and Premier Foods. He graduated from process and engineering management to project management in the mid-nineties and since then has worked in several lead project and senior management roles including factory development, food process engineering and new product development. He has also worked and consulted for several leading global food and UK companies as well as entrepreneur development, RSA government advisory and new company start-ups. His new position as an associate professor for Food Process Engineering with the University of Nottingham allows him to combine several years of food industry experience, a passion for better food process development and novel manufacturing techniques, with a new generation of food process engineers, the University of Nottingham, the food industry and supporting institutions.



         The Future of Food, Product, Process and beyond.pdf